Financial Planning

Financial Planning is identifying and preparing for certain life events and opportunities that may occur to ensure that we have the resources available when these events occur. Life events that require financial resources could include:

  • Buying a home

  • Children's education

  • Ill health

  • Redundancy

  • Retirement Planning

As financial consultants, The Finance Shop’s objective is to help our clients achieve financial independence by providing effective and efficient advice that is easy to understand and implement. Throughout our years in business, we have perfected our four-step approach to financial planning.

1. Financial Review

As independent brokers, The Finance Shop adopts a “needs based” approach to financial services. A detailed Financial Review is completed for each new client. This review gives us a complete picture of your current financial position, your financial objectives and any current plans you have in place.

2. Recommendations Report

Following the financial review, we will prepare a "client report" outlining our recommendations and provide indicative costings where appropriate. When it comes to recommending products, The Finance Shop ensures that you will only be offered the most suitable and competitively priced products to fit your circumstances.

3. Explain and Understand

The Finance Shop provides all clients with a "Reasons Why" document. This document explains in a clear and concise manner why any course of action or product has been recommended to you. This jargon-free, easy to understand document is an important reference for you to regularly look back on.

4. Action

Finally, The Finance Shop will help you to implement your chosen financial plan in order to achieve your financial objectives. As you move forward we will help you to change your plan as your circumstances change. The Finance Shop provides you with ongoing financial advice and regular reviews to ensure you continually meet your goals.

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Important Points to Consider

  • Are you confident that you have the most appropriate financial products at the best market price?

  • How can you reduce the amount and term of your mortgage?

  • Are you setting aside enough funds for your retirement?

  • How much will you get paid by your employer in the event of an illness or accident?

  • Are you maximising the returns from your savings and deposits?

  • Have you thought about the financial consequences of a serious accident, long-term illness or premature death?