Savings and Investments

The Finance Shop offers clients independent and impartial savings and investment advice. Our goal is to help you accumulate wealth and make your savings work for you.

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The Finance Shop can help you properly plan for all your saving requirements. (short-term and long-term savings goals).

Short term savings are usually allocated to items like holidays, cars and other luxury products. Short term savings are usually best achieved through deposit accounts whereas Equity Plans may be more suitable for longer term savings. At The Finance Shop we will identify the best solution for your individual situation.

Long term savings like, house deposit, nest eggs and children’s education will require a more planned and thoughtful savings approach.


In recent years, we have noticed an increase in individuals looking to make financial investments. Return on investments can be extraordinary, however current rates are at an all-time low of (close to zero %).

The most popular investment options include:

  • Managed Funds and Investment Funds

  • Tracker Bonds

  • Direct Investment in Shares

  • Direct Investment in Property

Advice given by The Finance Shop will be predicated on a client’s risk profile and investment time frames. An investment portfolio could include a mixture of deposit, direct shares, tracker bonds and managed funds. We aim to satisfy your requirement for access whilst also providing the opportunity for higher return on investment in the long term.