Retirement Planning

For most of our clients, financial independence means having enough put by so that one day you will be able to retire comfortably. While retirement may seem like a distant event, it is important to start planning for your retirement as early as possible.

Retirement usually occurs between ages 60 and 70 and many of us will rely on our pensions as a steady source of income. Pension benefits may be a combination of state and private pension arrangements. The current state pension is less than 30% of the average industrial wage so it is necessary to supplement this with a private pension if you wish to maintain a decent standard of living.

At The Finance Shop we will review your current situation, outline what benefits may apply to you and identify the appropriate action to ensure that your pension will be sufficient when you retire.

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Private Pensions

There are a number of way to arrange and contribute to your private pension scheme.

  • Occupational (Employer) Pension Scheme & AVCs

  • Personal Pension or Personal Retirement Savings Accounts (PRSA)

  • Company Director(s) Scheme

  • Point of Retirement Advice (AMRF/ARF – Annuities & Pension Lump Sums)

Pensions products have evolved considerably in the last number of years, enabling client’s to become their own investment managers in “Self- Invested” arrangements.

Pension Considerations

In order for us to offer you the appropriate products and advice we will need to discuss your financial and retirement goals.

  • Desired level of retirement income

  • Funding requirements

  • Investment preferences

  • Tax-relief available

  • Retirement options such as tax-free cash, pension and post retirement funds (AMRF & ARF)

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